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The Hamburg Press (THP) was founded in 1975 expressly for the purpose of privately publishing occult and rare scientific manuscripts for societies in Europe and the US. Its first public project was a military history book (History & War)  Ropp published in 1984. Since then we have continued to publish limited edition private projects and the occasional general circulation publication. (More)


Current Projects

The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany by Jack Rees. NOW AVAILABLE: Check our store page for details.

The Egyptian Dream Book: How to interpret your dreams and make them work for you.

By Fra Angelicus, The Ancient Path, UK.

Divers Guide to the Bahamas by Rick Cruz


Submitting A Manuscript

This is not your average mainstream publisher. We will not make you wait a month to three months to get an initial response to your submission. If you follow the procedures below we guarantee that you will get a response back from us within one working week.

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